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E-discovery is now fundamental to most corporate discovery including intellectual property theft, fraud, breach of contract, business liability and virtually every plausible litigation risk. With the latest computer forensics and process improvements such as those instituted by the dedicated team at Innovative Development, eDiscovery is now a mainstream component of evidence collection.

Our experienced consultants use the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) to provide custom expertise following industry standards. Utilizing the model, our teams provide services ranging from the Information Management phase to the Presentation Phase.

Our dedicated eDiscovery team understands the challenges of Electronic Discovery. That expertise allows us to deliver unmatched results routinely for our customers. Examples of customer focused results include:

1. Leadership team has implemented Electronic Discovery Services and Processes at Fortune 500 companies;

2. Currently provide full outsource service model for early stage e-Discovery processes at active clients;

3. Company actively participates in industry leading conferences, forums, and expert discussions providing "hands on" expertise.